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In this page, we monthly update new patent information relates to iPS cell technologies based on our own search and selection from WIPO information. (since January 2015) We always announce on What’s New once we have updated Related Patent Info.
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No. of Publication Appl. Title of Invention Abstract Assignee
WO2018/232476 METHOD FOR DIFFERENTIATING HUMAN PERIPHERIC SENSORY NEURONS FROM HUMAN STEM CELLS AND USES THEREOF Provided is a method for inducing peripheral sensory neuronal (PSN) cells from stem cells (e.g. iPS ... DE VECCHI, Rodrigo, etc.
WO2018/226797 METHOD FOR REMOVING UNDIFFERENTIATED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Provided is a method for removing undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells by using cardiac glycoside... LU, Joyce Jean, etc.
WO2018/225868 METHOD FOR PREDICTING DIFFERENTIATION POTENCY OF iPS CELLS IN CARTILAGE CELLS USING GENE EXPRESSION PROFILES Provided is a method for predicting the differentiation potency of undifferentiated iPS cells into c... SHIMADZU CORPORATION, etc.
WO2018/219684 CULTURE MEDIUM FOR PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Provided is a chemically defined medium for eukaryotic cell culture, comprising water, at least one ... PROMOCELL BIOSCIENCE ALIVE GMBH BIOMEDIZINISCHE PRODUKTE
WO2018/200532 GENERATING HUMAN CELLS CAPABLE OF PRODUCING INSULIN IN RESPONSE TO GLUCOSE OR GLP-1 Provided are a population of differentiated cells which produce insulin in response to glucose or GL... MAYO FOUNDATION FOR MEDICAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH
WO2018/200669 INDUCING MICROGLIA FROM HEMATOPOIETIC AND PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Provided is a method for generating a microglia-like cell comprising steps of (i) differentiating an... CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER CORPORATION
WO2018/199186 HEMATOPOIETIC PROGENITOR CELL MARKER The present invention provides a method for efficiently and constantly producing CD4/CD8 double-posi... KYOTO UNIVERSITY, etc.
WO2018/199142 METHOD FOR PRODUCING NEURAL CREST CELLS AND SYMPATHETIC NEURONS Provided are a method for producing neural crest cells from pluripotent stem cells (e.g. iPS cells) ... KYOTO UNIVERSITY
WO2018/207714 METHOD FOR PRODUCING INTESTINAL ORGANOID DERIVED FROM PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Provided is a method for producing an intestinal organoid from pluripotent stem cells, comprising st... PUBLIC UNIVERSITY CORPORATION NAGOYA CITY UNIVERSITY
WO2018/181960 METHOD FOR PRODUCING OSTEOBLAST CLUSTER USING HUMAN iPS CELLS Provided is a method for producing an osteoblast cluster from human iPS cells (hiPSCs), comprising s... TOHOKU UNIVERSITY
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