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New patent information relates to iPS cell technologies. (since January 2015)
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No. of Publication Appl. Title of Invention Abstract Assignee
WO2018/143243 METHOD FOR PRODUCING INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Provided is a method for producing iPS cells having a γδ-TCR reconstituted gene. The method comprise... NATIONAL UNIVERSITY CORPORATION KOBE UNIVERSITY
WO2018/147257 METHOD FOR PRODUCING STEROIDOGENIC CELLS The present invention provides a method for producing steroidogenic cells, comprising a step of trea... KYOTO UNIVERSITY
WO2018/139600 ENDODERMAL CELL MASS, AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING ANY ONE OF THREE PRIMARY GERM LAYER CELL MASS FROM PLURIPOTENT CELLS The present invention provides a pluripotent stem cell-derived endodermal cell mass in which the con... KANEKA CORPORATION, etc.
WO2018/143258 AGENT FOR ACCELERATING GROWTH OF STEM CELLS WITH DIFFERENTIATION POTENTIAL The present invention provides an agent for accelerating growth of stem cells (e.g. ESCs or iPSCs) w... ORIENTAL YEAST CO., LTD.
WO2018/146679 PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS FOR THE TREATMENT OF RETINAL DISEASES Provided is a method of generating photoreceptor cells, comprising a step of culturing stem cells (e... HADASIT MEDICAL RESEARCH SERVICES AND DEVELOPMENT LTD.
WO2018/148409 SYSTEMS, METHODS, AND APPARATUS FOR INDUCED PLURIPOTENT STEM CELL ISOLATION AND COMBINATORIAL PRODUCTION The present disclosure illustrates a system and method for combinational and multiplexed viral trans... ORIG3N, INC.
WO2018/135288 METHOD FOR EVALUATING CELL DIFFERENTIATION STATE Provided is a method for evaluating cell differentiation status comprising a step of measuring miRNA... SYSMEX CORPORATION
WO2018/128177 PROMOTER FOR INDUCING DIFFERENTIATION INTO INSULIN-PRODUCING CELLS Present invention provides a method for efficiently inducing differentiation into insulin-producing ... AJINOMOTO CO., INC.
WO2018/124207 METHOD FOR PREPARING ANTIGEN-SPECIFIC REGULATORY T CELLS Provided is a method for producing regulatory T cells for inducing immunotolerance in a subject, com... REGCELL CO., LTD.
WO2018/132783 IMMUNOENGINEERED PLURIPOTENT CELLS Provided is a method for generating a hypo-immunogenic pluripotent stem cell comprising steps of (a)... THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
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