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In this page, we monthly update new patent information relates to iPS cell technologies based on our own search and selection from WIPO information. (since January 2015) We always announce on What’s New once we have updated Related Patent Info.
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No. of Publication Appl. Title of Invention Abstract Assignee
WO/2020/058882 METHODS OF PRODUCING VENOUS ANGIOBLASTS AND SINUSOIDAL ENDOTHELIAL CELL-LIKE CELLS AND COMPOSITIONS THEREOF Provided is a method for producing sinusoidal endothelial cell-like cells (SEC-LCs) comprising steps... UNIVERSITY HEALTH NETWORK
WO/2020/056016 METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS RELATED TO CARDIOVASCULAR DISORDERS Provided is a method for identifying an agent for treating or ameliorating symptoms of cardiovascula... THE SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE
WO/2020/051429 METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR RETINAL NEURON GENERATION IN CARRIER-FREE 3D SPHERE SUSPENSION CULTURE Provided is a method for in vitro production of photoreceptor precursor cells, comprising steps of; ... HEBECELL CORPORATION
WO/2020/041608 GENERATION OF PANCREATIC PROGENITOR CELLS AND BETA CELLS FROM HUMAN PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS Provided is a method for generating beta cells from pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) comprising steps o... THE PENN STATE RESEARCH FOUNDATION
WO/2020/032179 METHOD FOR PRODUCING CD3-POSITIVE CELL Provided is a method for producing a CD3-positive or CD3 and CD197-double positive cell comprising a... KYOTO UNIVERSITY, etc.
WO/2020/027278 METHOD FOR PRODUCING MYOCARDIAL CELLS Provided is a method for producing myocardial cells comprising steps of: (1) a step of subjecting iP... OSAKA UNIVERSITY, etc.
WO2020/021312 IN VIVO DELIVERY SYSTEM OF THE GENOME DNA MODIFYING ENZYMES AND THE USE THEREOF Provided is an in vivo delivery system of DNA modifying enzymes comprising stem cell (e.g., iPS cell... UNIWERSYTET JAGIELLONSKI, etc.
WO2020/021541 MITOCHONDRIAL AUGMENTATION THERAPY WITH STEM CELLS ENRICHED WITH FUNCTIONAL MITOCHONDRIA Provided is a pharmaceutical composition for use in treating or diminishing debilitating conditions ... MINOVIA THERAPEUTICS LTD.
WO2020/018615 CELLS DIFFERENTIATED FROM IMMUNOENGINEERED PLURIPOTENT CELLS Provided is an isolated hypoimmune cardiac, endothelial, neuronal, islet, or retinal pigment cell di... THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA
WO2020/013247 DISPERSION OF PLURIPOTENT STEM CELLS, AND PLURIPOTENT STEM CELL PRODUCT AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING SAME Provided is a method for producing a pluripotent stem cell product comprising steps of; (1) culturin... SUMITOMO DAINIPPON PHARMA CO., LTD. , etc.
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