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iPS Cell-Related Patent Portfolio

As for the patents and patent applications related to iPS cell technology, iPS Academia Japan, Inc. has been widely granted sublicensing rights not only from Kyoto University but also from several other universities and research institutions.* The number of patents and patent applications licensed to iPS Academia Japan, Inc. reached about 470 applications (about 130 families), of which about 240 applications have been issued as patents (in Japan, USA, Europe and other countries). (as of September 2017)
Please feel free to contact our License if you are interested in such patent applications for licensing.

* Accellta Ltd. / AIST / Auckland UniServices Limited / Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd / Gifu univ. / JBiC / Kobe University / Kwansei Gakuin University / Kyoto Prefectual University of Medicine / Kyoto University / Nagoya City univ. / Nihon University / Osaka univ. / QST / St. Marianna University School of Medicine / Tokyo Woman’s Medical University …

Licensable Patents and Patent Applications

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