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Summary of 15 newly published patent applications are added to "Patent Portfolio"

We released the summary of 15 newly published patent applications from our "Patent Portfolio" as follows.

AJ230 Method for proliferation of pancreatic progenitor cells
AJ234 Efficient method for producing induced pluripotent stem cells
AJ240 Chimeric antigen receptor-expressing immunocompetent cells
AJ241 Therapeutic agent for nakajo-nishimura syndrome
AJ242 Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for rna virus-related diseases
AJ243 Method for selecting cardiomyocytes having high proliferation ability
AJ244 Method for maintaining and amplifying human primordial germ cells / human primordial germ cell-like cells
AJ246 Model of congenital urea cycle disorders and utilization thereof
AJ247 Method of producing astrocytes from pluripotent stem cells
AJ248 Method for producing skeletal muscle cell
AJ250 Neuron activator
AJ251 Cell surface marker for high efficiency purification of skeletal muscle lineage cells and skeletal muscle stem cells, and use thereof
AJ252 Blastocystis bilaminaris model and method for producing same
AJ254 Culture medium for expansion culture of nephron progenitor cell, method for performing expansion culture of nephron progenitor cell, and method for producing kidney organoid
AJ255 Therapeutic agent for x-linked sideroblastic anemia

Please find the details from each links above.

*We are not disclosing any summaries of unpublished patent applications. After their publication, we announce on "What's New", and release on "Patent Portfolio."

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