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Summary of 6 newly published patent applications are added to "Patent Portfolio"

We released the summary of 6 newly published patent applications from our "Patent Portfolio" as follows.

AJ161 Vector and gene introduction agent for monitoring and visualizing cell differentiation using expression of micro RNA as indicator and monitoring and visualizing method using thereof
AJ164 Method for obtaining artificial neuromuscular junction from pluripotent stem cells
AJ191 Method for evaluating cell hyperstimulation toxicity
AJ194 Method for inducing primitive endoderm from naïve pluripotent stem cells
AJ196 Prohylactic and/or therapeutic agent for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
AJ197 Maintenance-and-amplification method and differentiation induction method for primordial germ cells/primordial germ cell-like cells

Please find the details from each links above.

*We are not disclosing any summaries of unpublished patent applications. After their publication, we announce on "What's New", and release on "Patent Portfolio."

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