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Method for selecting skeletal muscle progenitor cell

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JP2015-005447 (2015/1/14)

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Inventor SAITO Hirohide, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Method for selecting skeletal muscle progenitor cell

The present invention provides a method for selecting a skeletal muscle progenitor cell from a population of cells including skeletal muscle progenitor cells induced from pluripotent stem cells, comprising a step of introducing into the population of cells a mRNA which contains (i) a nucleic acid containing one or more sequence specifically recognized by miRNA selected from the group consisting of miR-1, MiR-133 and miR-206 that is specifically expressed in skeletal muscle progenitor cells, and (ii) a nucleic acid containing a sequence that codes a marker protein functionally linked to the nucleic acid (i).



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