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Control system of protein translation

Ref. No. AJ239
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Inventor SAITO Hirohide, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Control system of protein translation

Provided is a simplified protein translation control system, comprising: (1) a complex in which a translation activator and an RNA binding protein are bound, or an RNA encording the complex; and (2) an RNA not having a 7-methylguanosine 5'-phosphate structure and comprising 1 or more binding motifs for said RNA binding protein and a sequence encoding a protein. Since in the system of the invention it is possible to simultaneously achieve translation activation and suppression of a protein of interest, cell type-specific cell sorting, apoptosis induction, or genome editing can be performed safely. Further, the translation control of a protein can be limited to a particular timing or period of time, and thus a more complex protein translation control is enabled.




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