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Method for producing hepatocytes

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JP2018-242917 (2018/12/26)

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Inventor OSAFUNE Kenji, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Method for producing hepatocytes

Provided is a method for producing hepatocytes by introducing Hnf4a, Foxa3, Cebpa, Cebpd, Hnf6, and Onecut2 into somatic cells and then culturing the cells to induce hepatocyte. The hepatocytes thus produced are functionally well matured and therefore may be useful for regenerative medicine and for drug development and liver toxicity evaluation. The method may further comprise introduction of Myc in addition to the six genes and culturing in the presence of a TGF-β receptor inhibitor, resulting in further enhancement of functional maturity of the produced hapatocytes.



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