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Method for evaluating cell hyperstimulation toxicity

Ref. No. AJ191
Appl. No. (filing date) PCT/JP2018/043917 (2018/11/29)
Pub. No. (Pub. date) WO2019/107481 (2019/06/06)
Priority claim No. (Priority date)

JP2017-230610 (2017/11/30)

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Inventor INOUE, Haruhisa, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Method for evaluating cell hyperstimulation toxicity

Provided is a method for evaluating hyperstimulation toxicity of a test substance to a human neurocyte, comprising (1) a step of bringing a test substance into contact with a human neurocyte differentiated from a pluripotent stem cell, (2) a step of stimulating the human neurocyte, (3) a step of measuring the degree of hyperstimulation of the human neurocyte, and (4) a step of evaluating that the test substance has hyperstimulation toxicity to a human neurocyte when the hyperstimulation of the human neurocyte is enhanced in the presence of the test substance.



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