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Method for genome editing

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US 62/370,047 (2016/08/02)

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Inventor WOLTJEN, Knut, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Method for genome editing

Provided is a method for producing a cell having a scarless genome sequence wherein an exogenous nucleic acid sequence inserted into a targeted region in the genome is completely excised, wherein the exogenous nucleic acid sequence comprises a nucleic acid sequence homologous to a genome sequence in the targeted region at each end and one or more sequence-specific nuclease-recognizing site(s) between the two homologous nucleic acid sequences, and wherein the method comprises: (1) introducing the sequence-specific nuclease or a nucleic acid encoding the same into a host cell having a genome sequence into which the exogenous nucleic acid sequence is inserted; and (2) culturing the cell obtained in step (1), thereby causing double-strand break at the sequence-specific nuclease-recognizing site(s) and the subsequent microhomology-mediated end joining or single-strand annealing between the resulting broken ends that contain the homologous nucleic acid sequences to generate a cell having a scarlessly reverted genome sequence.



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