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Method for inducing cerebral cortex neurons

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JP2015-082497 (2015/04/14)

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Inventor TAKAHASHI, Jun, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Method for inducing cerebral cortex neurons

Provided is a method for producing differentiation of cerebral cortex neurons from pluripotent stem cells, comprising steps of (i) suspension culture of pluripotent stem cells in a medium containing a TGFβ inhibitor, bFGF, a Wnt inhibitor, and a BMP inhibitor, (ii) suspension culture of the cells obtained in (i) in a medium containing a Wnt inhibitor and a BMP inhibitor, and (iii) further culturing the cells obtained in (ii). Subsequent to step (iii), the method may further comprise a step (4) selecting the cell which expresses at least one of the marker proteins selected from the group consisting of CD231, PCDH17 and CDH8.



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