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Method for identifying intracellular endogenous protein

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JP2015-236040 (2015/12/2)

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Inventor SAITO Hirohide, etc.
Assignee Kyoto University
Title of Invention Method for identifying intracellular endogenous protein

Provided is a method for detecting an intracellular endogenous protein in living cells comprising steps of (1) introducing into a cell, an intracellular endogenous protein-responsive mRNA that contains an aptamer sequence unique to the protein and a marker gene sequence functionally linked thereto, and (2) identifying the intracellular endogenous protein on the basis of the amount of translation of the marker gene. Also provided are a method for detecting a cell that expresses the intracellular endogenous protein, and a stabilized aptamer unique to an intracellular endogenous protein, for example, LIN28.



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