Manufacture, Sales, Service License

If you are considering providing iPS cell-related products: iPS cells, differentiated cells derived from iPS cells and iPS cell reprogramming kits, or iPSC-related services, please see here.


We grant a license to use iPS cells for the following business:
  • Sales of iPS cells reprogramming kits containing vectors carrying reprograming factors
  • Sales of iPS cells made from a patient-derived somatic cells using reprogramming factors
  • Sales of iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes
  • Services to reprogram customer’s somatic cells into iPS cells, and to provide the customer with the iPS cells
  • Services to genetically engineer customer’s iPS cells, differentiate the iPS cells into neural cells, and provide the customer with the neural cells
  • Services to evaluate the pluripotency of customer’s iPS cells, and to provide the customer with data of the evaluation
Please contact us for details.

Financial Terms

Financial terms basically include the following:
  • Upfront fee to be paid at the time of execution
  • Running royalty to be paid in accordance with a certain rate of sales
  • Annual minimum royalty to which the total yearly running royalty is creditable
Financial terms depend on the company scale, licensed territory, licensed use of iPS cells and other factors. Please see FAQ "For Companies" Q6 and then contact us for details.