License Policy

iPS Academia Japan, Inc. will license the intellectual property that arises from iPS cell research broadly throughout society in line with the aims of the Council for Science and Technology Policy's "Guidelines for Research Licenses for Intellectual Property Rights Stemming From Government-Funded Research and Development at Universities, etc. (May 23, 2006)" and its "Guidelines for Facilitating the Use of Research Tool Patents in the Life Sciences. (March 1, 2007)"

  1. Not-for-profit entities may use the intellectual properties without payment solely for research and educational purposes, provided that any sort of commercial purposes are not involved. This, however, does not mean a grant of license. Further, it is prohibited to provide for-profit entities with iPS cells or their derivatives without prior written consent of iPS Academia Japan, Inc.
  2. Basically, licenses to for-profit entities will be non-exclusive with appropriate and reasonable royalties applied. As to non-platform technologies, however, exclusive licenses may exceptionally be granted to for-profit entities as far as they fulfill certain conditions.

Licensing Purpose

Licensing Scheme

We administer the intellectual property related to iPS cell technology, and license it to companies that pursue to develop therapeutic measures or medicine by use of the technology.

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