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We want to carry out academic research using iPS cells, and provide a third party with iPS cells generated by us in the research or cells derived from such iPS cells. Do we need a patent license?


Basically, no. Not-for-profit entities such as universities need not take a patent license from us to use iPS cells for non-commercial purposes (for example, academic research or educational purposes) (See License Policy); however, they need our patent license to use iPS cells for commercial purposes.

Regarding the provision of the iPS cells or the iPS cell-derived cells,

  • (Case 1) Provision not for financial gain
    You need not take a patent license from us. In this case, the third party needs our patent license if the third party is a company. Visit FAQ "For Companies" Q2 for more details.
  • (Case 2) Provision for financial gain
    You need our patent license.

Please contact us for details.


We want to conduct collaborative research with a company using iPS cells. Do we need a patent license?


No, you don’t. Basically, the company needs our patent license. Visit FAQ "For Companies" Q3 for more details.


We plan to launch a company to put results of iPS cell research to practical use. Do we need a patent license?


No, you don’t. However, basically the company needs our patent license. See License Program.


We filed a patent application related to pluripotent stem cells. Can you add it to your patent portfolio? Please tell us your licensing-in activities.


We can add the patent application to our patent portfolio after entering into an agreement with you. We willingly receive an offer about patent applications related to pluripotent stem cells including iPS cells. See Looking for your Patents, and contact us for details.

The added patent application will be shown on our website and in our brochure soon after the publication of the application. We also introduce the application in exhibitions and conferences to make the application be recognized by our licensees and other companies.


What is the feature of your patent portfolio?


Our patent portfolio includes not only patents of iPS cell reprogramming but also those of differentiation, purification, drug discovery, regenerative medicine and so on. We have licensed in patents from entities worldwide as an Approved TLO (Technology Licensing Organization), and our licensors gradually increases.

Visit Patent Portfolio and find our licensors. You can retrieve details of the patents from the webpage by category or using the keyword search function.

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