Looking for your Patents

iPS Academia Japan is actively and continuously licensing-in various fields of patents or patent applications of for-profit and not-for-profit entities worldwide in our patent portfolio to promote the commercialization of technologies relates to pluripotent stem cells including iPS cells.

IP Cycle of iPS

Covering a Variety of iPS Cell Technology Fields

Since the reprogramming of somatic cells into iPS cells was first invented, the iPS cell technologies have advanced and expanded their scope in the field of drug discovery and regenerative medicine. So the various iPS cell related patents play a very important role in industry. Under such circumstances, our patent portfolio includes a variety of pluripotent stem cell related patents such as reprogramming, differentiation, isolation, purification, preservation, and so on.

Towards License-Out Your Patents to Industry

We believe that opportunities for many companies to consider using your patents will increase if you license your patents to us. It is because the attention to our patent portfolio from many companies is increasing year after year since we are specialized in pluripotent stem cells, and also because we are promoting patents in our patent portfolio to more than 180 of our licensees and other companies in various ways.

How to Start a Conversation for License

We enter into a patent license or assignment agreement with a patents holder to add the patents to our patent portfolio. Please feel free to contact us for more details. We look forward to your inquiry.

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