From the President & CEO

A period of more than 10 years has passed since it was published that somatic cells were reprogrammed into iPS cells by introducing only four genes exogenously. During this period, human iPS cells have been increasingly used not only as a drug discovery tool, but also as a source material of cell therapies. In addition, a utilization of animal-derived iPS cells has been progressively explored. It is clearly perceived that the application fields of iPS cell have been practically expanded.

Our company was established in 2008 as a technology licensing organization specializing in the iPS cell technology. Since then, we have strengthened our patent portfolio consisting of the fruits of iPS cell researches by Kyoto University and other entities, and also we have been promoting the commercialization of the iPS cell technology through our worldwide licensing activities with an aim to realize our company mission of “To facilitate the application of iPS cell technology for the benefit of human health and welfare”.

We will further actively continue promoting the iPS cell technology as a “profession” with the knowledge and experience we have accumulated since our company establishment, in order to contribute to the health and welfare of the human race.

We would appreciate your cooperation and support.

July 2020

Shuzo Kudo

President & CEO

iPS Academia Japan, Inc.

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