From the President & CEO

It has been approximately 17 years since the discovery of iPS cells. Over a period of time after such discovery, iPS cell-related research in academia has remarkably developed, resulting in many achievements. Additionally, the exploitation of iPS cell technology in the industry has been broadly progressed.

Our company, having embraced the mission of "facilitating the prompt and appropriate application of iPS cell technologies with the aim of benefiting the health and welfare of the human being” was founded on June 25, 2008 of which 15th anniversary was celebrated by us. During these 15 years, we have steadily accumulated a track record of patent licensing by actively making alignment between academia and the industry.

The application of iPS cell technology has been advancing primarily in the fields of regenerative medicine, disease investigation, and new drug development. However, currently, its application is evolving into more advanced and diverse areas, including genetic modification technology and AI technology, as well as a new field such as production of edible artificial meat. We are entering a new phase of development, marked by these emerging fields.

In such continued and evolving landscape of iPS cell technology, our company is committed to supporting, through licensing activities, the future realization created by iPS cell technology that cover a wide range of applications, from essential patents to various applied patents.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

July 2023

Hideo Saji

President & CEO

iPS Academia Japan, Inc.

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