From the President & CEO

It has been approximately 16 years since the inception of iPS cells. Over this period, iPS cell-related research at universities has made remarkable progress, with significant outcomes. Accordingly, the utilization of iPS cell technology in industry has progressed. Concomitantly with the efforts of universities and industry, we have been growing our patent licensing portfolio since 2008 in order to fulfill our original mission of "sharing the fruits of iPS cell research for the good of all humanity".

Now, iPS cell technology is emerging in the field of cultured meat and other fields that were not initially envisioned. The fields of drug discovery and regenerative medicine, with their long histories of research, are also welcoming new developments such as gene modification and artificial intelligence technology. With the innovation and flexibility that capture these changes, we will continue to support the realization of a future pioneered by iPS cell technology, and be the bridge between universities and industry by licensing activities that extend from basic to applied patents.

We appreciate your continued support.

Shuzo Kudo

President & CEO

iPS Academia Japan, Inc.

July 2022

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