About iPS Academia Japan

Our mission is to facilitate the prompt and appropriate application of iPS cell technologies with the aim of benefiting the health and welfare of the human race.

Our Vows

Our vows consist of our mission and values.
Our vows clearly state the reason for our existence and the purpose of our business activities,
Our vows serve as the basis for our everyday principles and judgments.

  • Coverage

    Our vows cover iPS Academia Japan Inc.’s directors and all employees (regardless of employment type).

  • Operational notes

    • In the event of a violation of our Values, we will immediately investigate the facts, determine the cause, and take thorough measures to prevent its recurrence.
    • Directors and employees will promptly report or consult with the consultation desk if they discover any act that violates or is suspected of violating our Values.
    • We will thoroughly protect the privacy of whistleblowers or those who have sought consultation, and they will not be treated disadvantageously for providing information or obtaining consultation.
      Furthermore, retaliation against whistleblowers or those who have sought consultation will not be tolerated.
    • Reviews and revisions of Our Vows shall be made by a resolution of the Board of Directors.
  • Enactment date

    November 1, 2022

  • Drafters

    Members of Our Vows Committee

Our Mission

We will give back our iPS cell research results to the community and contribute quickly and steadily to human health and welfare.

We vow to continue our pursuit of this mission for as long as our business activities continue, in order to contribute to improving people’s health and welfare by supporting the spread of iPS cell technology.

  • To spread new technology
  • To give back to a community
  • To contribute to the world

Our Values

In the process of continuous pursuit of our mission, the following Values have been formulated to serve as a guide for the daily activities of our directors and employees.
Besides, directors and employees vow to comply with these Values and to work diligently in their daily activities to raise the level of these Values even higher.

We declare that we will
  1. Contribute to the harmonious coexistence of the global society and the realization of a better society
  2. Cultivate human resources backed by a high level of ethics
  3. Never discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, religion, and the like
  4. Manage an organization where a sense of unity is fostered and nurtured.
  5. Confront difficulties and take on challenges to achieve organizational goals
  6. Never violate social ethics and norms, and ensure compliance with the law
  7. Pursue daily self-improvement to maintain a high level of expertise
  8. Never issue orders or instructions that violate these Values