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About Licensing

  • Q1:

    Does AJ have the licensing rights for any issued patent (letters patent) relating to the iPS cell technologies?

    Yes. We have sublicensing rights for 3 Japanese patents (Pat. No. 4183742, 4411362 and 4411363), and 1 British patent (GB2450603). Please look into the "iPS cell-related patent portfolio" on this website for details.

  • Q2:

    Who holds these patent rights listed in Q1?

    All of these 4 patent rights mentioned in Q1 are owned by Kyoto university, and for which we have been granted sublicensing rights worldwide.

  • Q3:

    When do these 4 issued patents expire?

    All of the 3 Japanese patents will expire on Dec 6, 2026, and the 1 British on Jun 13, 2028.

  • Q4:

    Are there any foreign patent applications available for licensing-out?

    Yes. For further information, please contact us. (license{at}ips-ac.co.jp *Please change {at} to @)

  • Q5:

    Are all those patent applications to be sublicensed by AJ listed in "iPS cell-related patent portfolio" on this website?

    No. You can only find the public information in principle about our patent applications on this website. We have also unpublished patent applications which we can license out.

  • Q6:

    Do you have any other patent applications filed by other organizations or academic research institutes?

    Yes. We also have the sublicensing rights for some other patent applications licensed by Osaka University, Gifu University, Kyoto Prefectural Public University corporation and so on. We wish to strengthen the patent portfolio by adding any patent application owned by any third party relating to the iPS cells.。