From the President & CEO

Our company, iPS Academia Japan, Inc., was established in June 2008 in partnership with Kyoto University to widely promote the use of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-related patents based on the research results by Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University and his colleagues. In 2016, we became an approved TLO in Japan. And then this year marks our tenth anniversary, which is all thanks to your support.

Since the establishment of our company, many pharmaceutical companies, reagent manufacturers and companies of various fields here and abroad have actively conducted their research and development, and have manufactured and sold products using iPSC technologies under the sublicenses granted by our organization. This year, several universities and companies plan to start clinical research or clinical trials in Japan on iPSC-derived differentiated cells for regenerative medicine, and by 2023 at the earliest, the world's first iPSC-derived regenerative medicine products are expected to be approved.

We sincerely hope that the research results of stem cells including iPSCs will be put into practical use more rapidly, and products based on the results will be available to patients as early as possible. To realize this, we aim to increase the amount of licensing-in stem cell-related patents from academia institutes and enhance our patent portfolio in order to satisfy the needs of clinical practice, while continuing our mission to timely license-out the patents to companies under fair and reasonable conditions.

We would appreciate your continued supports for our activities.

April 2018

Mitsuomi Shirahashi

President & CEO

iPS Academia Japan, Inc.

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